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Photography is my passion. I bought my first camera, spending all of my  holiday money on the first day of the holiday,  a Halina 35mm. I was still at primary school. That was over 50 years ago, but the excitement of capturing images has never diminished throughout my life. I now have several cameras, a Canon 5D Mark lll, Canon 7D, Canon G10 and two Olympus most of which go with me when I am away from home.

Architecture, nature and landscapes are my favourite subjects, with people generally excluded from my images. However I have been experimenting with other aspects of photography which I hope you enjoy.

Although I live right in the heart of the England, a great deal of time is spent in mainland Scotland and the islands on the west and north coasts. No matter how many times I visit an area it never looks the same and therefore presents a further photo opportunity. I never tire of taking pictures.

I hope you enjoy my photos and if you would like to make a purchase please do so. I have tried to keep costs to a minimum.